3D Printing Services

Looking for support to 3D print your ideas?

You want to see and touch real example of your prototype fast and at affordable price? You need an industrial 3D printing service to ensure accuracy and repeatability of your highly precise and complex parts? We‘re happy to asssit with our 3D printing services!

Our 3D printing services team will provide professional service from design to 3D printed products delivery at your address.

We can print from multiple polymer, ceramic or metal materials using various 3D printing technologies available at our or our partners printing facilities.


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We need 3D computer model of your prototype or part in .stl or similar format to start 3D printing process. Please sent your product 3D file in .stl or similar format or ask for our help to do it for you. Our 3D scanning services could be of great help at this stage.

We‘ll help to select right printing technology and material to meet your project specifications

We’ll 3D print and post process your product

You‘ll receive your product at your address

3D Printing Applications 


The smartest and most cost-effective way to design.  3D printing has revolutionised prototyping, decreasing the time of production to hours and the cost of prototypes to fractions compared to traditional methods.



Removing the costs of tooling for small-volume, highly accurate, customised parts is now a possibility with 3D printing.


Designing and producing concept models can take a matter of hours, at minimal costs and with almost labour free experience.


3D printing patterns and moulds is a highly accurate method of production free from many of the associated costs of traditional processes. Investment casting, injection moulding and production parts are now benefiting from the complexity of design available when combining 3D printing and conventional moulding techniques.


3D printing of tools, jigs and fixtures is not only cost effective, but it saves time too. 3D printing offers you the freedom of custom-made, just-in-time parts with minimal labour time and costs.

Small batch

Manufacturing small runs has been prohibitive in the past but now 3D printing is allowing more products and solutions see the light of the day.  Never has it been easier and cost effective to produce short runs of customized products. Whether to test the market or to satisfy unique requirements of your customers 3D printing allows a quicker, cost saving method of delivering functional product.


What could be printed? Share your ideas and we‘ll help to get right solution.

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We would help to identify opportunities for the potential 3D printing and scanning solutions applications and show what savings (cost, time, safety, quality and etc.) can be generated by using these technologies. Fill the contact form and our experts team will contact you as soon as posible.