About 3DCeram

3DCERAM brings together an unrivalled range of expertise in the field of equipment, materials and processes dedicated to the additive manufacturing of ceramic parts.

Based on the laser stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing process, 3DCERAM has developed a complete range of solutions to support its customers on technologically challenging projects.

3DCERAM benefits from unique know-how and develops cutting-edge solutions for 3D printing of ceramic parts:
  • CERAMAKER 3D printing lines and associated services,
  • Ready-to-use 3DMIX ceramic pastes for CERAMAKER 3D printers and on-demand formulation.
Ceramic 3D printing solutions are widely used in various areas:
  • Research and Development centres, Universities, Institutes
  • Industry (Chemical, Telecommunications, Electronics, Automotive and etc.)
  • Biomedical (Implants, bone substitutes implants, cranial and etc.)
  • Aerospace and aviation (measurement tools, optical instrumentation, mirrors, foundry cores and etc.)
  • Luxury goods (jewellery, watch making)


C100 EASY to develop & prototype:
  • User friendly for research
  • Open parameters system
  • Stereolithography laser
  • Free link support technology
  • Minimum quantity of material to print
  • Easy cleaning
  • Printing platform: 100x100x150 mm


C900 FLEX for small series and prototyping:
  • To print functional parts or small series
  • Ceramic printed parts have the same properties as those produced in conventional ways (moulding, machining and injection)
  • Open parameters
  • Free link support technology
  • SAM (Small Amount of Material) option: to launch a fast printing run with only 100 mL of slurry
  • Hybrid option: the ability to print with multi-materials (combine up to 3 materials (polymers, ceramics…))
  • 3 sizes of building platform: 100 x 300 mm, 200 x 300 mm and 300 x 300 mm


C3600 ULTIMATE for mass production or big parts:
  • Industrial printer
  • Stereolithography laser
  • Free link support technology
  • Reduced printing time with 4 lasers
  • Reduced unit price / parts
  • Reduced cleaning time
  • Well adapted to serial printing
  • The biggest building platform in the market: 600 x 600 x 300 mm

3DCeram Peripherals

Cleaning cabins specific to ceramics:
  • Manual or semi-automated,
  • Developed exclusively for the cleaning of ceramic parts after shaping by additive manufacturing.
Debinding and sintering kilns:
  • Precise and ergonomic,
  • Rise temperature and cool quickly.